Vacation Rental Meadows of Dan, VA Laurel Point Villa  -Meadows of Dan, Virginia Vacation Rental
Experience the breathtaking views of this Meadows of Dan, VA vacation rental in the Blue Ridge Mountains from the balcony of Laurel Point Villa, the perfect mountain getaway.

This 4000 square feet home features 3 large bedrooms with privacy, one king, one queen and two doubles, each with full private bath and tub, as well as door to the deck. It's just like having three master bedrooms.

With over a 75 mile view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our house is the ideal base of exploration for the many exciting natural treasures just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Meadows of Dan, VA.

When you don't want to ‘rough it’ our premium location and home have all the comforts you desire,a get-away that is just what you’ve been looking for.

Remote enough to be a welcome break from urban life, but close enough to enjoy any weekend. Make our pristine property a family tradition.

Call for us today for more information and reservations. You don't want to miss this vacation rental in Meadows of Dan, VA.

Welcome: Best views! Near wineries, Blueridge Parkway & Primland
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